With electronic books introduced to the world of reading, many have come to prefer them over traditional paperback books. Not only are eBooks cost-effective, portable and convenient, but they are also a phenomenal tool to establish expertise, authority, and additional streams of income.

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Chris Belloso has a passion for elevating his community and helping them live the life they truly deserve. That passion drove Chris to create the Beautiful Struggle podcast, a platform that helps the black and brown community with business and personal development growth. As a serial entrepreneur, he didn’t stop there and wanted to do more. With prior knowledge in the marketing industry and helping scale marketing agencies, he found a huge pain point with small businesses. He noticed big marketing agencies were out of budget for small businesses and leaving small businesses with no resources. So in addition to the podcast, he became a digital marketing coach for small businesses and helping them find different ways to monetize their business. Chris is truly dedicated to normalizing creating generational wealth and breaking generational curses in his community, pushing him to always serve his people.

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  How To Create An Ebook Around Your Skill or Passion
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