Learning how to start investing is one of the most powerful ways to set your family up for financial success. Investing helps grow your money in ways that no other method can. Many immigrants come to the US to pursue education and employment opportunities. They also come here to fulfill their dream of building wealth and creating financial freedom. As an immigrant or family member of an immigrant, you have many investment options in the US. In this masterclass, you will discover actionable strategies and easy-to-access resources for jumpstarting your journey towards investing and building wealth.

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Adina is a social entrepreneur, immigration attorney, personal finance educator, and financial and online business coach focused on empowering immigrants and their families. She co-created the Immigrant Finance™ platform with her husband Mauricio to share what they had been learning and continue to learn about building wealth in their financial journey as a family after Mauricio immigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador in 2013 and they could not find anything on the internet about finances for immigrants. Adina was also inspired to raise awareness about finances for the immigrant community after representing hundreds of immigrants in their cases as an immigration lawyer and seeing the significant impact of finances on people's immigration cases and lives. Immigrant Finance™ has since developed into an online platform that includes personal finance and online business group coaching programs (Immigrant Finance School™), the Immigrant Finance Podcast, monthly live trainings in the private community facebook group "Immigrant Finance - Building Wealth for Immigrant Families", and other educational social media content. Together Adina and Mau support immigrants and their families in making the shift from surviving to thriving through personal financial education, online business development, and community support and accountability so they can build generational wealth.

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  How To Start Investing & Building Wealth As An Immigrant
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