Generational traumas are historical and cultural traumas that affect survivors’ children for generations that have the power to impact the way that individuals experience life in the present day. The transgenerational effects are not only psychological, but familial, social, cultural, neurobiological and even genetic. Unresolved trauma most commonly manifests itself as unhealthy relationship boundaries and families subconsciously learning unhealthy survival behaviors. In this masterclass, you will learn creative approaches to ending cycles of inherited family trauma from a first-hand, non-clinical viewpoint.

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Benjamín is the founder of the Latinx Greek Life podcast and the Find You✌🏾Purpose Series. He is a first-generation college graduate and now a first-generation professional. He received his MA in Spanish from San José State University as well as his BA in Spanish and minors in Latin American Studies & Mexican American Studies from SJSU. He is also an alum from Hartnell College, where he received his AA in Liberal Arts. He was born & raised in the Salad Bowl, Salinas, Ca. He is the son of immigrants from México which he is very proud of. In college, he became a brother of Sigma Delta Alpha Fraternity, Inc. & a founder of Gente Unida (a Latinx student leader coalition). He has been adopted by the Bay Area and currently serves students in their trajectory in college and career. His passion is empowering & advocating his culture. This workshop is one step towards the change he’s trying to inspire. Enjoy!

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  How To Heal Generational Trauma
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